Friday, October 24, 2008

A Lady Spy Fucked by Army

JAi: hi
JAi: u there hot one !!!!!
Simran: hiiiii
JAi: kya ho raha hai
Simran: ya
Simran: nothin
Simran: u say
JAi: play
Simran: k
JAi: which scene
Simran: that one u were tellin last time
JAi: kaunsa
Simran: some spy
JAi: oh yeah
JAi: so the scene is -
JAi: u r a spy and in an army camp impersonating as the mess contractor's sexy daughter
Simran: k
JAi: am an ordinary guard at the camp, and on night during vigil, i see u talking on satellite phone to the enemy commanders
JAi: shall v start the scene
Simran: okies
JAi: ========================
JAi: (am in army uniform, camouflage dress, keeping vigil near the mess area)
Simran: ok
JAi: (moving around and looking around, fully armed with all gadgets incl night vision binoculars etc.)
Simran: ok
JAi: (i hear some sounds, near the bushes and slowly move that side, can hear a ladies voice)
Simran: hmm k
JAi: **ohhh mess contractor's daughter and with satellite phone, here in bushes .. whats the matter** i murmur
Simran: i al sudden..switch it off.. said.. nothing
JAi: (i listen to the conversation, and she is passing on army positions and instalations info to the enemy)
JAi: hey u
JAi: aren't u mess contractor's girl
Simran: yes
JAi: hold ur hands up, behind ur head
JAi: i take my pistol out and point it to u
Simran: sir..wat did i do
JAi: just fo what i said
JAi: just do
JAi: hands up, and behind ur head
JAi: i move 3 steps forward coming closer enough to u
Simran: ok
JAi: whats ur name -
JAi: and what were u doing here
Simran: Simran
Simran: sir i was jus talkin to my relatives
JAi: talking bout our army instalations to ur relatives
JAi: pull the satellite phone out of ur pocket
Simran: no sir.
JAi: and that too from satellite phone and not a mobile
JAi: hmmmm
Simran: sir plz sir..
JAi: i point the sniper on your waist, and press it
JAi: have to search u
Simran: no sir..ppzz plzz..
JAi: coz what i heard u talking wasnt good at all
Simran: i didn do anythng
JAi: just shut up, and let me do my duty
JAi: else will have to shoot u
Simran: ok sire
JAi: i push my left hand in ur pocket, while holdingthe pistol in right
JAi: and take out a knife, a small torch, a small diary
JAi: open the diary and it shows list of enemy commanders with their contact nos.
JAi: sooooo what do we have here, miss simran
JAi: r these all ur boyfriends
Simran: sir sir..plzz sir..dont shoot
JAi: get on the ground .... kneel down, hands behind ur head
JAi: and tell me what the matter is
Simran: ok sir
JAi: what all info u have passed on
Simran: sir today is d first day..
Simran: ws jus half way..
Simran: didn leaked info yet
Simran: sir plzz sir.dont kill me
JAi: i grab ur hairs and tighten my grip
JAi: this diary is dated 3 years back
JAi: so u'v been working for the enemy for 3 years
JAi: u seem to be a professional spy
Simran: no sirr..
Simran: no sir
Simran: plzz soiir
JAi: r u really the mess contractor's daughter or u bribed him to say that
JAi: seems i have to take u to the interrogation cell
JAi: and then v can get all info out of u
Simran: sir plzz sirr
JAi: and u know how good we treat moles like u
Simran: dont tel any1 sir...
Simran: plzz sir
JAi: and here all the men r starved ..... for girls for last 6 months
JAi: u know how well they will TREAT u
Simran: sir plzz sir// save me sir
JAi: have just searched one pocket of urs ... have to search u fully yet
JAi: (what r u wearing ?)
Simran: ok
Simran: white shirt, black jeans..mehroon coat
JAi: i quickly search the maroon coat, and pull it off
Simran: see nt hiding anytng sir
JAi: yeah u r not hiding anything, n showing a lot .... (i say looking at the sexy boobs n the cleavage)
JAi: lemme check the upper pockets on the shirt
Simran: sir nothin is there
JAi: i have to check that, okay
Simran: k
JAi: u had even said, u were talking to relatives though u were talking to enemy commanders
Simran: sir ..i am telin truth now sir
JAi: i unbtton the top pockets, looking lustily at the bOObs
JAi: and run my hand over the pocket
JAi: pressing the boobs gently while doing that
JAi: (2 of the top buttons are open)
Simran: taken aback..shocked n scared..
JAi: whats there in the pocket
Simran: looked downwards..
Simran: nothng sir
Simran: nothing
JAi: there is something
JAi: something like a button or button sized microphone or camera
Simran: nothing sire realy
Simran: no sir
JAi: feeling it and pinching it between my fingertips
JAi: see its tight, n i press it
JAi: (u feel the pinch on ur nipples)
Simran: 'auuhhh...nothin sir..
JAi: i wanna check it
JAi: is it in the pocket or u hiding something beneath the shirt
Simran: sirr pzlz..nothing is there
JAi: am sure u r recording all this withthat micro reorder i just felt
Simran: no sir
JAi: tell me or i'll have to ask u to take the shirt off
Simran: no sir..plzz dont do this
JAi: take it off,
JAi: now
JAi: fast
Simran: sir
JAi: do it
Simran: herein open..plz sir
Simran: no
Simran: plzzzzz
JAi: as u open 2 more buttons, i spread the shirt aside using the pistol exposingyour left tits
JAi: looking at the lovely pink exposed nipples as there was no bra inside
Simran: lookk down with embarassment
JAi: ohhhh they were ur nipple which i felt ..... so tight
JAi: run my hand on ur exposed boobs n the nipples ..........
JAi: u'v got good stuff, simran ........
JAi: cupping and caressing the tits .....
Simran: sirr..plzz stop it sir
Simran: as u hav chkd now
JAi: why r u into the spy thing, a sexy babe like u shud be having a good life with a good guy
JAi: slide the other side of the shirt too, exposing the other breast
Simran: no sir.. polzz
JAi: grab both the boobs in my hands with pistol still in one hand between the boobs n my hand
JAi: am sure u must be even better, if u take evrything off
Simran: sirr plzz sir...leav me
JAi: think i shud strip search u for any incriminating stuff u may have
JAi: (yeah exactly like the pic)
JAi: pull the shirt off u,
Simran: sirr plzz..plzzz
Simran: i beg u
JAi: u know how it would be to be away from sexy gals like you rfor over 10 months
JAi: n now that i have a chance, u think i will let that go
Simran: plzz beggin gu
JAi: what r u begging ... simran
Simran: leave me sir
JAi: leave a spy ... just like that
JAi: no way
Simran: plz sir..
JAi: i hold ur hand and place it on my fully hardened cock, over the trouser
JAi: u feel i can leave u
Simran: plzz sir
Simran: last time..wl nevr do anythng
JAi: can leave u in one condition
Simran: ya
JAi: u'v made this hard .... now u have to take care of it for the night
JAi: and am sure u know what i mean
JAi: rubbing ur hand on my bulge as i say that
Simran: here in open
JAi: noone's here .... simran ...
JAi: and none's gonna come here
Simran: ok
JAi: then just unzip me and pull the thing out
Simran: shyingly take it out
JAi: dont be so shy .... i know u must have been trained to take care of such things
JAi: and u surely must have slept with so many of enemy commanders
Simran: i say no sir..never
JAi: c'mon now do what u must be best at
JAi: suck it
JAi: n lick it
JAi: wanna see ur lovely lips wrapped around it .... n playing with it
Simran: ok sirrrr, say hesitantly and start..slightly
JAi: run my fingers in ur hairs .... and pull ur face to my cock
Simran: ohh hmm uhhhh
Simran: si rrr
JAi: hmmmmm u seem to be a pro at this simran
JAi: do it ..... do it hard baby
Simran: sirrr u carzy sir. what all u making me do
JAi: i start pushing myself into ur mouth, almost as if fucking your mouth
JAi: pushing it deeper
JAi: and touching your throat
JAi: deepthroat me now, simran
Simran: uhhhhhh bassss sirrrr
JAi: (can feel ur tongue just below my cock, trying to lick me)
JAi: pushing the cock deeper n can feel ur almost gagging, as i hold my cock deep deep down ur throat
JAi: ur eyes almost filled with tears as u get gagged
Simran: ummmmm
JAi: pulling the cock back relieving u
Simran: huhhh huhhhh ahhhh
JAi: look into ur eyes, smilingly n can see how lustily u r looking at my fully hard cock
JAi: (pull my cock up, offering my balls to u)
JAi: lick my salty nuts simran, lick them good baby
Simran: yes do it, start licking ummm mm
JAi: stand up simran, and get on all fours
JAi: would love to fuck u, doggy style
Simran: yessssss, stand up
Simran: doit sirrr
JAi: position u in front of me, and pull the jeans down exposing your thong. I pull the thong down and drop the jeans n thong on the floor.
JAi: your ass fully exposed in front of me, n the lovely tight, milky ass cheeks looking so nice. I spank your ass cheeks,
JAi: can see the ass turn red as I spank u
Simran: aaahh hhh
JAi: nice pussy simran, I run my fingers on the nicely shaven pussy to feel the wetness
JAi: seems ur pussy is eager to take my cock in
Simran: put it in sirrrr
Simran: please
JAi: oh really, get ready for ride of your lifetime simran
Simran: sirrr fuck me please
JAi: I place my cock on the pussy lips, spread the lips with my fingers and push the cock slightly in
Simran: ahhhhhhhhh
JAi: with another thrust, I push the cock further in, slowly I withdraw it a bit and give another thrust to push deeper
Simran: umm mm
JAi: start thrusting my cock back n forth and start riding your pussy harder n faster
JAi: holding you by your waist and fucking you, feeling your tight pussy and the juicy inside
Simran: yessss sirrr its soo biggg sirr
Simran: fuck me harder sirr
JAi: grab your swaying boobs and start squeezing them, while I keep fuckingyour juicy wet pussy, and feeling my cock banging your pussy walls hard
JAi: I pull ur body to myself as I bang into u, and can feel u too pushing yourself onto me
Simran: moan out loudly aaahhh hhhh
Simran: uuummm ummmm yesss sirrr
Simran: aahhh
JAi: u have a nice tight pussy honey, I spank ur ass cheeks again as I ride u, doggie style
Simran: make me cum sirrr
Simran: plzzz sirrr
JAi: hold ur thighs n bring your legs closer, and keep fucking the nicely shaved pussy, hard n fast
Simran: ahhhh hhh sirrrr fuck me harder sirrr
JAi: can feel ur leg muscles twitching, and the pussy gets juicier and loosens the tight grip on my cock
Simran: ummmmmm
JAi: my cock fully hard and throbbing,
JAi: can feel my cock pulsating in ur pussy, as I continue riding you harder and faster than before
JAi: giving all the force behind each thrust into ur pussy
Simran: uhhh ummmm yaaaaa
Simran: sirrrrrr yaaaa
JAi: cant hold myself anymore, and about to cum anytime inside u
Simran: do it sirrr pleeeze
JAi: can sense that even u r about to cum, as I ready myself to shoot my first load into ur juicy pussy anytime
JAi: Oh yeah …. Oh yeah …… I shoot the first warm cumload inside u
JAi: and continue banging you, releasing loads of cum inside u, can feel ur pussy dripping with the cum, and can sense u too cumming ….
Simran: ummmm yaa ahhh
Simran: can i taste it sirrr
JAi: I take the cock out of the dripping cunt, and turn u around making you face my cock
Simran: get on my knees, and hold the wet penis
Simran: it looks so good with cum on it, ummmmm
JAi: lick it baby, lick the cock and make it cum in ur mouth honey
Simran: yessss sirrr
JAi: wanna see u swallow n eat my cum
Simran: stroke the cock in my hand and take it in
JAi: wowwww simran, suck it hard baby and make my balls dry of all the cum they have
Simran: ummmm mmmm
JAi: shoot my cum in ur mouth and hold ur chins and push the cock a few more times
Simran: ummm ahhhh
JAi: I pull the cock out of ur mouth and jerk it off, spraying the last drops of cum all over you, your titties, your neck, your hairs and eyes
JAi: (looking into your eyes, as I watch u getting cum showered and enjoying it all)
Simran: opening my mouth to catch it
Simran: ummm mm
JAi: now stand up u slut, and get dressed
Simran: thank u sirrrr
JAi: thanks for what
Simran: releasing me
JAi: who says am releasing you, spy like u r a blot on the country, and cant let a spy go scot free just for a good fuck
JAi: u think I will let u go that easily, I pull a cuff out of my bag and put it around ur arms, as u pull ur dress up
Simran: oh no sirrr ths is not fair
Simran: plz sirrr can do this again for u, plz don’t arrest me pleeze
JAi: will think over it later simran, when u r in the interrogation cell
JAi: maybe u can do this again to me and I will think over
Simran: no sirrr no plz
JAi: ========================
JAi: u were a good fuck in the roleplay, simran. hope to do lot more rp’s with u hott one
Simran: u too jai, u were the best i met so far
JAi: u’r flattering me
Simran: no seriously believe me
JAi: thanks simran, r u into moresomes too
Simran: what is that jai
JAi: threesomes and groupsex
Simran: oh never did. hey gtg had to leave 30min back but stayed as it was going good
JAi: oh
Simran: bye jai c u
Simran has signed out. (10/24/2008 1:01 PM)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Night with a Lady Boss (Sandhya)

jayforfun.singh26: hi
me: hii
jayforfun.singh26: from where u r
me: m frm deli
frm where r u?
jayforfun.singh26: i m also
me: alrte...wat do u do?
8:41 PM soft engineer jayforfun.singh26: u r single/married
ur good name
8:42 PM u there
whtas happen
me: single
jayforfun.singh26: k
wht r u doing
me: m sandhya
jayforfun.singh26: k
me: m doing my clge
frst year
jayforfun.singh26: k
8:44 PM me: ok
so wat else do u d jay?
jayforfun.singh26: just
a gf
new in delhi
8:46 PM wht about u
u r busy?
8:47 PM ?
me: no
jst found an ooooooooold fren
8:48 PM :)
bt nt busy
i do have a bf actly
bt i lve doin sex talk nd makn new rends
jayforfun.singh26: k
me: dats y m here :)
jayforfun.singh26: so
r u intrested in sex
8:49 PM me: on chat
jayforfun.singh26: k
whts ur fugure
me: its
8:50 PM 32-28-30
jayforfun.singh26: sexy
me: i knw
8:51 PM jayforfun.singh26: k
wht situation u like in sex
in chat
8:53 PM u suggst
jayforfun.singh26: u r my boss
me: :D
8:54 PM bt xplain frst
wat situatn like?
jayforfun.singh26: i need promotion
u want chance
a night with me
without my objection
on the name of promotion u call me
8:55 PM to coame at ur home
after office
me: i dnt need cahnce...chance jst develops fter u arrive...k?
8:56 PM jayforfun.singh26: k
me: alrte u cme home
jayforfun.singh26: k
ur dress
8:57 PM me: m wearn a sleevless top nd a long down open
underneath f crse u knw
jayforfun.singh26: k
i came
me: u r wearng fcrse a fomal coat pant thng
jayforfun.singh26: rang the bell
me: rite
jayforfun.singh26: ya
me: i open d door
vry normal
jayforfun.singh26: good evening mam
8:58 PM me: gud evenin jay
cme inside
jayforfun.singh26: thanks
me: u cme inside.....v try to bolt d door togedr nd our hands touch
jayforfun.singh26: wow
me: v luk into each other's eyes
8:59 PM jayforfun.singh26: sorry mam
me: bt nt 4 long
v look away den
dats k
jayforfun.singh26: ya
me: nt ur mistake
cme sit
jayforfun.singh26: ok
so mam
whts the reason
to call me
any urgent work
9:00 PM me: u were talkn abt ur promotn rite?
sme days bak
jayforfun.singh26: ya
me: i was actly thnkng smethng abt it
jayforfun.singh26: oh\really
me: y dont i promote u to my assistnt vice president
9:01 PM jayforfun.singh26: why
me: coz i see u have been workn hard
ur records
9:02 PM ur prdctvty has been grown like nythn
jayforfun.singh26: mam work is worship
me: so u'll b suitable 4 d job
jayforfun.singh26: thanks mam
me: dats y v r promotn u.
r u ready 4 d challnge?
jayforfun.singh26: ya
me: gr8
so dat calls 4 celebratn
jayforfun.singh26: thanks mam
me: u'll have wine?
jayforfun.singh26: wht u want celbration fro me
u r gr8
9:04 PM me: no problm
jayforfun.singh26: today is lucky day for me
me: sure
i brng wine 4 both f us
v start drinkin
jayforfun.singh26: ok
u serve
me: yep
jayforfun.singh26: i see ur vlevage
9:05 PM me: olrte
i c u lukn at it
i mve close
jayforfun.singh26: oh
me: feelng hot?
jayforfun.singh26: sorry
me: remve ur coat
jayforfun.singh26: mam
me: its ok
jayforfun.singh26: wht r u doing
me: relax
dnt wry
jst relax
9:06 PM k
jayforfun.singh26: my hand gooes on ur waist
me: lets b frnds 4 once
jayforfun.singh26: k mam
me: alrite
go ahead
ur hands?
jayforfun.singh26: roaming my hand on ur waist
me: ahh
9:07 PM jayforfun.singh26: u r so sexy mam
me: m lukn in ur eyes
thanx jay
jayforfun.singh26: i m ur lips
me: y dontv go to my bedroom?
jayforfun.singh26: oh mam
its nice gift
from ur side
me: :)
cmon den
jayforfun.singh26: k
me: v go to my bedroom
9:08 PM jayforfun.singh26: mam
me: i stand against d door...u bold door
so nw v r standng dere
against d door
nd v start kissing nw
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhh
i m liking ur lips
me: ummm
jayforfun.singh26: mam
me: muhhhass
jayforfun.singh26: i dint get such sexy body till
me: :)
jayforfun.singh26: noe ur
9:10 PM me: thanx jay
jayforfun.singh26: now ur neck
me: ahh
jayforfun.singh26: bite ur ear
me: ouch
i brng ur mouth to mah lips
nd kiss u
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhh
me: lemme lik ur tnge
jayforfun.singh26: my hand roaming on ur back
me: i loosen ur tie
9:11 PM jayforfun.singh26: press ur buttock
me: my one hand is touchng ur dick..over ur pants
nd other hand i am openg ur shrt
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhh
me: opening up buttons
one by one
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhh
me: one
ther r all pen
jayforfun.singh26: ohh
9:12 PM me: i rmve ur shrt
put my hand inside ur pants...inside panties....nd touch ur dick
hold it
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhh
hold it too hard
9:13 PM i m raising ur top
me: yep
jayforfun.singh26: ur nude wasit
me: m holdng it hard
jayforfun.singh26: removing
me: m wearng bra still
jayforfun.singh26: remove it
hold ur both bra
me: ahhhh
jayforfun.singh26: in mt hand over bra
n pressed
me: ahhhhhh
jayforfun.singh26: hard
9:14 PM me: i moan
jayforfun.singh26: so sexy
me: u kiss me
jayforfun.singh26: round shaped
me: dnt kall me mam
jayforfun.singh26: ok jaan
me: yeah
m opening ur pant's zip
jayforfun.singh26: now i put u on bed
me: remvng ur pants
nd i ve removd ur panties too
u r fully naked nw
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
me: alrte
9:15 PM on bed nw
jayforfun.singh26: but u r still in skirt n bra
me: i open mah arms
calln u
jayforfun.singh26: i bring glass of wine
me: one glass?
jayforfun.singh26: ya
i pour it o ur body
9:16 PM me: ohhh
jayforfun.singh26: n liking ur body
me: ohhhh
jayforfun.singh26: ur lips
me: umuuhaahs
jayforfun.singh26: smoching ur mouth
me: m holdng ur face
kissing u
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
9:17 PM now
ur neck
me: ahhh
jayforfun.singh26: boobs
me: m pullng at ur hair
jayforfun.singh26: sucking it hardly
me: ahhhh
suck it hard
me: u want my milk jay?
9:18 PM jayforfun.singh26: ya jaaan
me: suck muh boobs har
jayforfun.singh26: n sucking
me: i ll gve it 2 u
jayforfun.singh26: too tight
it is
me: its cmng
jayforfun.singh26: my one hand roaming
over ur
9:19 PM it is going down
oh jaan
i drink ur milk
me: ahhh
dnrk it
jayforfun.singh26: yaaaaaaaaa
me: im holdng ur hair
pullng them
9:20 PM nd my one hand goes down
jayforfun.singh26: ohhh
me: i finger ur asshole
jayforfun.singh26: ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh
wht u doing jaaan
dont disturb
i will drink ur all milk
me: ahh
drnk it sweetheart
i shy away
9:21 PM jst holdng u
jayforfun.singh26: n my
one hand
is now
on ur thigh
over skirt
me: ahh
m wearng a long skirt
full leg
jayforfun.singh26: ya
9:22 PM touching ur pussy area over it
me: ahhhhhhhhh
i lve ujay
jayforfun.singh26: mee too
my jaaan
i m going down
kissing ur stomach
9:23 PM me: AHHH
jayforfun.singh26: belly
jayforfun.singh26: wow
wht a belly
me: u r a sweetheart jay
9:24 PM jayforfun.singh26: my roungue playing with it
me: ahh
m lvn it
jayforfun.singh26: my hand is going more down
me: ohhh
jayforfun.singh26: trying to find end of skirt
reachd till knee
me: ummm
i bend my leg at knee
9:25 PM jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
i get its end
n raising it
it comes till ur thigh
me: ummmmmm
jayforfun.singh26: wht a sexy leg
start kissing ur leg
9:26 PM me: ahhh
i sit down
jayforfun.singh26: whts happen jaaan
why u get sit
me: m sittin down
outta ecstasy
9:27 PM nd i pulll ur face up frm mah leg
i wan tu to kiss mah lips
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
9:28 PM i make u stand on kneee
we both r on kneee
me: ohhhhh
jayforfun.singh26: i m in ur arm
me: yeahhhhhhhhh
jayforfun.singh26: sliding down ur
it reaches till knee
9:29 PM i m roaming my hand on ur thigh
me: ahhhh
jayforfun.singh26: now
i m kissing ur breast
i m in ur arm
ur hand is in my back
me: ummmm
jayforfun.singh26: press ur buttock
me: m holdn u tight
9:30 PM i hold ur hand
jayforfun.singh26: i bite ur nipple
me: kiss it
i suddnly smehw realise what we r doing.....i stop u nd move away
down frm bed
jayforfun.singh26: whts happpen
9:31 PM jaaan
me: jay dats nt rite
jayforfun.singh26: why
me: v shldnt do dis
jayforfun.singh26: we r on climax
me: dats it
u go home
jayforfun.singh26: jaan now u r now ot doing tite
me: (u do semthn to arouse me )
jayforfun.singh26: jaan u enjoying it na
9:32 PM tell me jaan
me: no m nt
jayforfun.singh26: u enjoyed it or not
me: (i scream at u)
jayforfun.singh26: u strated
me: go home rte nw
jayforfun.singh26: na
how in this dress
my dress get wet
from wine
me: i lll rpvde u andr onw
jayforfun.singh26: i cant
me: bt u r goin home
jayforfun.singh26: i hold ur boobs
start sucking
9:33 PM me: i push ur hands away.........flinchng a bit
push u away
jay no
jayforfun.singh26: yes
me: go bak
i dnt wanna argue wd u
jst go bak home rite nw
jayforfun.singh26: i hold ur hand back
me: v ll talk later
jayforfun.singh26: n
me: wat r u doing jay
jayforfun.singh26: just
drinking ur milk
n start sucking ur boobs again
me: i moannnn
jayforfun.singh26: put u on bed
9:35 PM tie ur hand with bed
me: jay no
stop dis
jayforfun.singh26: separting ur leg
me: jay nooooo
u ant
jayforfun.singh26: put my bot hand on ur thigh
me: ahhh
jayforfun.singh26: sliding ur panty down
me: jay nooo
9:36 PM jayforfun.singh26: by my teeth
me: '(
jayforfun.singh26: yes
thora sa
it come down
kissing ur
area covered by panty
just above th pussy
9:37 PM now
remove ur panty
me: (m sayng "no" bt u knw m nt gonna stop u nw)
jayforfun.singh26: kiss ur pussy
me: ahhhhh
no jayyy
jayforfun.singh26: jaaan
inserting my tongue in
ur pussy
9:38 PM me: ahhhhhh
dont do it jayyyyy
m stoppn u as ur boss
jayforfun.singh26: it smells nice jaan
now u r only a female
i m male
9:39 PM fucking u by my tongue
now start finguring
how sexy
kita sxy pussy hai
me: (u stop my "nos" nd talkn wid ur kiss)
jayforfun.singh26: abhi tak kaha chipa kar rakha tha
me: ah jay
9:40 PM yeh galat hai
jayforfun.singh26: kuch galat nahi hai
ek finger
ander dakla
dal diya
me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
jayforfun.singh26: aur age piche karne laga
me: aaaaaaaaaah
jayforfun.singh26: now i think u r also
9:41 PM enjoying
so un tied ur hand
my dick ready
me: i dnt do nythn
bt u knw my pussy is waitng 4 ur dick nli
9:42 PM jayforfun.singh26: ya
my dick is ready
to remove thirsty
of ur pussy
it didnt took any dick
from long time
9:43 PM now i make space between ur thigh
sleep over u
me: (i moan)-->>ahhh
i plce a hand over ur head
jayforfun.singh26: just palced my pussy
9:44 PM placed
my dick
over ur pussy
ur hand giving it path
me: (i say it-->>) do it jay
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhh
9:45 PM i give one pressure
me: i lve u jay
jayforfun.singh26: me toooo
n kiss ur upper lips
took in my mouth
9:46 PM now dick nsert in ur pussy
little bit
again more pressure
me: i kiss u too
jayforfun.singh26: it goes to half
me: nd as u apply more pressre i stop kissin
i moan
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhh
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhh
9:47 PM now it comletly iside u
me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
9:48 PM aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
m holdng u tight
jayforfun.singh26: me toooo
me: holdng at ur bakk
jayforfun.singh26: busy in kising ur lips
me: hold me tite jayy
kiss meeeeeeeee
jayforfun.singh26: ya jaan
man kar rah har
masal doon tumhare body ko
9:49 PM me: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh jayyyyyyyy
bas karooo
dard ho ra hai jayyyyy
jayforfun.singh26: no jaaan
abhi to suru hua hai
abhi enjoyment baki hai
9:50 PM thora sa sbra karo
masti bhi milegi
i raise my speed of fucking
me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
9:51 PM jayforfun.singh26: now
me: m riding ur dick
jayforfun.singh26: u r also
gatting fun
how u feel jaaan
me: aaaaaaaaaaaaah jayyyyyyyyy
jayforfun.singh26: jaaaan
me: its paining jaanu
jayforfun.singh26: i m going to relase
my cum
where u will took it
9:52 PM in ur pussy
or in mouth
say fast
it is
9:53 PM to come
me: i ll take it evrywhere jay
jst release it
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
for taking every where
me: ummmmmm
9:54 PM jayforfun.singh26: i have to fuck u whole night
now first take it in ur mouth
n i just give my dick in ur mouth
me: yeahh
i mve down
betwn ur legs
nd take ur dick in muh mouth
9:55 PM ummmmmm
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhh
me: m suckng it
jayforfun.singh26: ohhjan
suck it hard
me: my hands mvng up nd down over ur legs nd ur chest
jayforfun.singh26: drink all cum
me: nd my mouth is suckng ur tool
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
u giving me full pleasure
me: m suckng ur cumm
9:56 PM jayforfun.singh26: it releases comletely
me: its there n mah mouyh nw
jayforfun.singh26: in ur mouth
me: as it cms inside my mouth i leave ur dick 4 a moamne
i take its taste
i lve it
i mve up
kiss ur lips
jayforfun.singh26: oh jaaan
me: i move betwn ur legs again
9:57 PM suck ur tooooool
jayforfun.singh26: i m on bed
me: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
u r on bed
jayforfun.singh26: u r over me
u r really sex
me: yeah m over u
jayforfun.singh26: gives me full satisfaction
me: i knww
nw i release ur dick frm my mouth
9:58 PM i stat mvng up
ur dick touches my neck
i feel it
jayforfun.singh26: wow
me: den metwn my breats
jayforfun.singh26: jaaan
me: i feel it
jayforfun.singh26: aab uper aao
meri bahon me
me: i mve ur dick betwn mah breasts
i move up
ur dick touches mah stomach now
jayforfun.singh26: dick ko aram karne do
9:59 PM me: den mah belly
jayforfun.singh26: ohhoooooooooooooooo
me: nd den i reach up to ur lips
ur dick now touches mah pussy againn
i hold ur dick
nd put it in mah pussy
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
me: do it again plz
10:00 PM darlng
jayforfun.singh26: i hug u tightly
me: i hug u titely too
jayforfun.singh26: kisisng ur lips
me: ummmmmmmmmm
jayforfun.singh26: ur boobs is pressing by my chest
10:01 PM as u
n i hug each other tightly
u there
me: yeahh
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
10:02 PM u now
ur pussy
over my dick
me: yeahh
jayforfun.singh26: u sit over my dick
me: yeahh
i do
10:03 PM place ur dick in mah pussy
jayforfun.singh26: n i m pressing ur boobs
me: aaaaaaaaahhhhhh
10:04 PM jayforfun.singh26: u r just making up-down
over my dick
do it fast
me: m going to nd fro over ur dik
up nd down
real fast
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
me: hume paseenen aa rahe hain
saans fool raha hai
10:05 PM jayforfun.singh26: haaaaaaaaaa
me: nd m giong up nd down
real fast
nd furious
i m moaning
its paining
jayforfun.singh26: now u just
me: bt am njoyng it
jayforfun.singh26: sleep over me
me: r u njoyng it darling?
jayforfun.singh26: ya
me: yeahh
i stop it nw
calm down
nd i lay over u jay
10:06 PM jayforfun.singh26: n i m giving pressure from bottom
me: ahhhhh
m njoyng it
so m quiet
nt scremeng rire nw
jayforfun.singh26: now
u r really nice gal
10:07 PM i dint do such chatting
till now
me: noooo
dnt spoil d fun
jst cntinue wid it
jayforfun.singh26: k
10:08 PM in sam condition
i put u on bed
me: hummmm
jayforfun.singh26: i m over u
ur leg is ove my back
me: ohh
jayforfun.singh26: n giving u hard pressure
me: ahhh
am holdng my legs over ur bak
10:09 PM aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
jayforfun.singh26: now this time again going
to release
me: olrte
jayforfun.singh26: it is in ur pussy
i m tired
me: hummmmmmmm
jayforfun.singh26: so sleep over u
me: lets relax den
10:10 PM i pull u aside frm atop me.......
u lay aside me
i lay aside u
i reach over nd kiss ur lips softly
jayforfun.singh26: my mouth is over ur breast
me: k
jayforfun.singh26: jaaan
one drink
me: d beast is rising again :D
jayforfun.singh26: i need
10:11 PM me: yeahhh
suck it jay
jayforfun.singh26: so plz
le aao
me: i ll prvde u d milk
suck it hardddddd
u r tired
dont wry babyy
i ll feed u
suck d breast
jayforfun.singh26: plz jaaan
le aao
10:12 PM raat baki hai
poora doodh nikal doonga
me: aaaaah
maine zor lagaya
bohot zorrrr
aur doodh aa gyaaa
jayforfun.singh26: kya kar rahi ho
me: hhh
jayforfun.singh26: mai suck karne laga
me: ahh
10:13 PM suck karo
jayforfun.singh26: nipple ko kat diya
me: ab doodh aata jaega
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhh
me: jayyyyyyyyy
jayforfun.singh26: iske tea banao
me: nai
jayforfun.singh26: jaaan mai thak gaya hoon
me: soosth piyo jaan
jayforfun.singh26: haaaaaaaaaaa
me: :D
jayforfun.singh26: kitani sexy
10:14 PM ho
me: ab tu mmeri bagal mein let jaao jay
jayforfun.singh26: thori der pehle to nakhare dikha rahi thi
me: jay:x
jayforfun.singh26: ha
chalo mai tumhre bagal me late gaya
10:15 PM apana puusy ka jucie pilao na
me: tum let gaye
jayforfun.singh26: ha
me: brbr
jst b dere
10:40 PM jayforfun.singh26: hi
dinner banane gaya tha
u there
10:41 PM ?
10:42 PM hello
where u r
10:44 PM hello
10:45 PM kya hua
kaha ho
10:46 PM kuch to bolo
why u become rude
whts happpen
10:50 PM reply yaaar
i m waiting
10:51 PM bolo yaaar
kuch to bolo
10:52 PM can we continue or not
other wise
i have to leave
may i leave
ot not
10:54 PM bolo na yaaar
me: oops
i dint realise u r here
jayforfun.singh26: k
10:55 PM u r so nice
in chatting
me: :D
no prblm
had ur dinnr babes?
jayforfun.singh26: make it
will took
in few minutes
10:56 PM with chatting
wht about u
me: ok
jayforfun.singh26: u staying alone
me: i had my diner at 9 swthrt
jayforfun.singh26: or with family
me: no
wd family
jayforfun.singh26: k
10:57 PM so till when we can chat here
me: till wen?
10:58 PM umm
i ll go off at 11:30
jayforfun.singh26: k
me: so babyy hw r stdies goin on?
jayforfun.singh26: comleed
10:59 PM me: completed?
jayforfun.singh26: ya
me: so wat r u doing now?
jayforfun.singh26: job
n searching for change
me: in udaipur?
jayforfun.singh26: delhi
me: ok
jayforfun.singh26: foget
me: change in job?
jayforfun.singh26: me
me: why?
jayforfun.singh26: just for salary
me: okay
11:00 PM where r u wrkng rte now?
wich cmpny?
jayforfun.singh26: deft
as a web developer
11:01 PM so dear
can we continue
our game
me: yeah
f crse
m dying 4 it
jayforfun.singh26: m also
me: :)
v were i sppse jst restng on bed
jayforfun.singh26: want to convert it iin real
11:02 PM but now here
me: not now babes
jayforfun.singh26: ya
on chat
me: go ahead::
jayforfun.singh26: so
11:03 PM we r sleeping in arm of each other
me: yeahh
jayforfun.singh26: n its morning
me: hummm
who waks up frst?
jayforfun.singh26: i juust see u naked
me: ohkay
jayforfun.singh26: in day light
me: sounds weet
jayforfun.singh26: wowwwwwwwwwwww
me: dats so sweet
jayforfun.singh26: so sexy body
11:04 PM me: ahhh
jayforfun.singh26: now
mai pane finger
tumhre body per
fer raha hoon
ur forehead
11:05 PM stomach
n in ur pussy
me: ahh
main thoda hilti hun is baar
bt soyi hui
jayforfun.singh26: oh
separate ur thigh
11:06 PM put a kiss on ur pussy
me: ahh
main jaag jaati hun
jayforfun.singh26: oh jaan
me: gud mrng swtgrt
jayforfun.singh26: good morning
me: comoe over in mah arms babyy
jayforfun.singh26: how was sleep
11:07 PM ya
kissing ur lips
me: sweet in ur arms
gud mrng kiss
jayforfun.singh26: thanks jaan
me: a fresh one
jayforfun.singh26: for such gift
i have to go
for office
me: thanks to u swthrt fornot lettng me stop.....i wld have regrettd it all my life if u wld have stoppd
11:08 PM yeahh
me too ve to go 4 offce
v r late
lets get ready
go bath quikly
jayforfun.singh26: k
me: den i ll go
jayforfun.singh26: jaan can u make a coffe
b fore that
me: sure babyy
11:09 PM i stand up
wear my nite gown drctly
nd go to kitchn unboltng d bedroom door
i make ur coffee
jayforfun.singh26: i saw u from back
looking sex
me: ohkayy
11:10 PM u r naughty
where r u rte nw?
jayforfun.singh26: i also came
i m on bed
me: k
jayforfun.singh26: n coming
u reaced in kitchen
me: m standng m bak towards u
makng ur coffee
11:11 PM f crse m not naked nymore
m wearng mah gown
jayforfun.singh26: i m naked
i m behind u
i hug u from behind
me: ah jay
jayforfun.singh26: kissing ur neck
me: ummmm
jayforfun.singh26: jaan bhaut sexy lag rahi ho
11:12 PM me: :D...thanx jay....jay coffee to banane do jaan
jayforfun.singh26: chorane ka man nahi kar raha hai
me: jayyy
jayforfun.singh26: wo banti rahegi
me: ja kar ready ho
jayforfun.singh26: doodh to nikalne do
me: ummmm
raat ko
jayforfun.singh26: n strat pressing
ur boobs
me: ahhhh
jayforfun.singh26: over gown
11:13 PM me: (lekin maine to gown pehna hai)
jayforfun.singh26: utar deta hoon
me: ah jay
kya kar rahe ho
kitchen mein?
jayforfun.singh26: slide it from top
chale bed per
ek round ke liye
me: nai jayy
jaldi karo jo karna hai
11:14 PM yahin par
jayforfun.singh26: doodh to nikalane do jaan
me: fir ja kar ready ho meri jaan
jayforfun.singh26: ok
me: m touchng ur dick
jayforfun.singh26: took u boobs in mouth
me: u r suckn mah boobs
jayforfun.singh26: it get erected
me: m applyng prssre for milk
it cms into ur mouth
11:15 PM jayforfun.singh26: i stop ur hand
i will do it
me: oks
jayforfun.singh26: i m in ur back
i pressing it
me: ahhhh'ohhhhh
jayforfun.singh26: rubbing my dick in ue ass
me: ahhh
i throw my head bakward
11:16 PM on ur shoulder
jayforfun.singh26: ya
me: holdng ur ass by puttng my hands behind u
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
me: pushng u fwd in mah ass
jayforfun.singh26: i make ur gown completely
me: ummm
11:17 PM i put my hands over mah breasys
asamed f nakedness
*breasts *ashamed
jayforfun.singh26: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
11:18 PM nice
rubbing ur
me: ummm
jayforfun.singh26: kising ur soldier
me: jayy
jayforfun.singh26: bite it
me: ouchhhhh
jay :x
i luk at u
11:19 PM jayforfun.singh26: oh no jaan gusse me to
sexy lag rahi ho
me: oh jay
jayforfun.singh26: i dont want to miis
me: i lve u sho much
jayforfun.singh26: me too
n i just stand on my knee
11:20 PM infront of u
ur belly is near me
hold ur waist
n start kissing on belly
me: ahi hold ur head
i caress ur hair
11:21 PM jayforfun.singh26: u pushing my head
towrads ur pussy
me: yeahh
i wantd to do dat
m sitng on kitchen slab
spreadng mah legs
11:22 PM jayforfun.singh26: wowwwwwwwww
me: placng ur head betwn mah legs
jayforfun.singh26: n i m kissing ur pussy
me: ahhh
i kiss ur bent head
jayforfun.singh26: hardly
me: ummmmm
i moan wd pleasure
jayforfun.singh26: now i get more excited
11:23 PM n bite ur pussy
me: ahhhhhh
i pull u away
jay ja kar taiyaar ho
jayforfun.singh26: u suddenly throw me
me: bohot der ho gai hai
jayforfun.singh26: i came near u
n hug u tightly
me: i mve down f slab
ahh jay
jayforfun.singh26: u r on slab
11:24 PM me: i throw away ur arms
turn off the gas
nd put d coffe in mug
jayforfun.singh26: oh
ok mam
me: i come down from slab
jayforfun.singh26: let come in drawing room
me: ok
u pul me in drawng room
coz m nt cmng on my own
jayforfun.singh26: ya
11:25 PM me: coz m angry frm ur recent biting act
jayforfun.singh26: put u on sofa
n sit ur left side
with u
drink take coffe from my hand
11:26 PM me: yeah
jayforfun.singh26: n i kiss ur lips again
me: ahh
jayforfun.singh26: as u take coffe
11:27 PM jaan coffe to tasty ho gaya
n coofe tumhare tstomach per gir gaya as i were kissing u
11:28 PM me: i scream
cz its hot
kya karte ho
jayforfun.singh26: soory jaan
i m busy in kissing ur body
me: kya sorry
jayforfun.singh26: jaha coffee giri hai
me: i push u away nd run away into bed room laafng
11:29 PM jayforfun.singh26: where u r going
me: babye jayy
u cme fter me
jayforfun.singh26: yaaaaaaaaaaaa
11:30 PM n caught u from back but cant control
aur dono bed per gir gaye
u over me
me: aaaaaa
tum bilkul pagal ho
i kiss u softly
11:31 PM den puch u bak
stand up
nd rush into bathroom
bt alas
i 4get to bolt d bathrum door
jayforfun.singh26: i came
behind u
jaan we r late
11:32 PM so we took bah
me: uf jayy
nai sath mein nai
bahar jaao
11:33 PM *bathrum fun to b cntinued tmrw :p
jayforfun.singh26: we r late
me: rite nw i gtg
bye darlng
jayforfun.singh26: k
me: cia tmrw
jayforfun.singh26: timing
me: ummm
3 oclok
jayforfun.singh26: when u will be online
me: bye
gud nity
jayforfun.singh26: i will wait
b bye
11:34 PM good night
sweat dream
it was nice
to chat with u
me: same here
jayforfun.singh26: b bye good night

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Milk Man

rocky : hey
rocky : whats up dear
rocky : wannna paly
seema iyer : roles
rocky : u say wannna be in incest or somthing else
seema iyer anything
seema iyer or a hard fuck by milkman
rocky ummmmmm
rocky ok
rocky lets do it
rocky can u set it
seema iyer ok
seema iyer ok but
seema iyer be descriptive.. manlyy...
seema iyer and roughhh
seema iyer okk...
rocky okkk
seema iyer am in kitchen tht day
seema iyer my hubby in hall watching cricket
seema iyer am in light brown chiffon saree
seema iyer andd brown blousee... with
rocky mm
rocky i come in looose shorts n Shirt
rocky i was the new man to give milk
rocky as the person who comes was ill
seema iyer ok
rocky and i walk in kitchen with the can
seema iyer u knock....
seema iyer ohhh dear pls see at door some boodyy
rocky dhud wala
seema iyer ohh good tumm haesha is cricket maiinn khoye rahte hooo
rocky dhudh*
seema iyer i walk thru halll
seema iyer andd open door...
seema iyer i turn to my hubby...
seema iyer kyaaa hai iaee is tv maiin
seema iyer as my back faces uuuuu
rocky i see ur sexy blouse n ur aass
rocky memsaaaab dhudh
seema iyer haaan aayii
seema iyer ii raise handss andd pull up my hairsss andd
seema iyer tie themm uppp
rocky i see ur navel
seema iyer as my hairs move upp myyyy bare bacckkk inn sexy blouseee
seema iyer exxposes
seema iyer (thinkk dirtyy likee saali raaandi jaiisee saree itna neechee... anndtii...
rocky (kya maaal hai re...........ek dam chinal ki tarah saree paheni hai
rocky ( ek dam item lagthi hai
seema iyer luvlyyy
seema iyer as my hairs move upp myyyy bare bacckkk inn sexy blouseee
rocky as u move to kitchen to take the vessel
rocky kya gand hai issski
rocky aur peeth tpo ek dam chikni hai re
seema iyer ii sway myy heavy rouund asss in myy tight sareee....
seema iyer andd myy sexy back withh mthreadss cutting intoo it
rocky ek dam randi ke jaise chalti hai
rocky issse chodne mile to maza aaa jaye
rocky kitna dhudh lete hai aaaap
seema iyer iiii go too frridgee andddd
seema iyer bendd
seema iyer mmy hugee assss projectss backk andddd
rocky i see ur ass gettting out
rocky uffffffffffffffff
rocky kya gand hai
seema iyer myy chiffon saree tiightenss around it tooo showw itsss roundd shapee
rocky ummmmm
rocky as power fails n ur hubby moves down
rocky to his friends palce
rocky ?
seema iyer waitt not nowwww
seema iyer okk goo on.... itss
rocky okkkk
rocky memsaaab aaapne kaha nahi aaap kitna dhudh leti hai
rocky waise aaaap ko kafi lagta hoga i tell this looking at ur booobs
seema iyer ii walk backk as i walk myy big meloonss bounce inn myy blouuseee
seema iyer ohh... litreeeee
seema iyer litree
seema iyer ... as i walk too uu
rocky ummmmmmmm
rocky dono ke liye ek ek
seema iyer yehh too ppeete hi nahii
seema iyer wohh meraa beta hainn naaa
rocky aacha aaap ka beta bhi hai
rocky aaap ko dekh ke lagta nahi ke aaaap ka baita hoga
seema iyer ohhh.... wohh thooda mainntaiinn kartii hoon naa
seema iyer ii sayy innhaliinggg
seema iyer breathhhhh
rocky ummmmmmmmmmmm
rocky i was hard in my pants
rocky n u had noticed this
rocky okkkkkkkk
rocky pateli do
rocky as i get my hands ahead
seema iyer hhaannn loo
seema iyer iii ii extend myy whitee fleshyy armss
seema iyer in sleeve less bloouseee
rocky i take the pateli
rocky and i stare at ur smooch skin
rocky ye lo memsaaaab
rocky poore itr
rocky lts
seema iyer oohh teek haiii... tumm nayye hhoo
rocky haaan
seema iyer kyaaa ass ii bend to keep vessel downnn on floor too give to moneyyy
rocky wo kaka ki tabyat kahrab hai
seema iyer as i bendd and move lil front
seema iyer myy saree entannglee into my legs anddd
seema iyer itt pullls at myyy blousee
seema iyer my blouse hookss
seema iyer riipp andd my entiiree left boob faalls ouutttt
rocky i watch ur deeep cleavege
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky i stare at them
rocky keeeep looking
rocky ohhh memsaaaab
rocky kitne gore hai aaapke moome
seema iyer ooohh..... yeejhhh kkkyyaa huuuaa
seema iyer oohh.... shittt.......
rocky as i was dam hard
rocky n u seeeemit in my pants
seema iyer i moove too puush it inside blousee butt itts veryy biig andd
seema iyer my saree stilll entanngleed in mmyy frrrtt
seema iyer ohh..... mainn... kyyaaa..
rocky ohh
seema iyer i turn to see if my huuby hass seen.. but no he is busy innn paper
rocky mai madad kar do
seema iyer beforee i reallizeee....
seema iyer yu.......
rocky as i grab ur booobs
rocky and squeze them slowly
seema iyer (hey only left boob is outt...
seema iyer sayyy
seema iyer boob
rocky i grab both
rocky left n right one over ur blouse
rocky i pamper ur nipple
rocky left nipple
seema iyer ohhhh yehhh kyyaa karr.... oooooh....
seema iyer pllllssssss
seema iyer mmmm
seema iyer myy headd liiftss uppp...
rocky ummmmm
seema iyer choodoo mereee ........
seema iyer hatoo...ii whissper
rocky umm
rocky kya mast moome hai
rocky ine to pure raaat aur din chusne ka jeee karta hai
seema iyer hattt tuu kauun haii...
seema iyer challl chhodd inhee
seema iyer as iii... tryy too pull my saree formmm feeet
rocky kaka ne bataya hai muje ke tum kitni sunder aur sexy ho
rocky ye bhi ke unhone tumhare ssaath kya kya kiya hai
seema iyer sayy i dress like raand....andd ur luund wantss a gaand like hindii.. seexiily
seema iyer (noo ur kaka never did...
rocky okkkk
rocky memsaaab aaaap ek dam randi ki tarah aaapni sareee pahenti ho
rocky aur aaaap ki gand dekh ke to mera lund ek dam tatar ho gaya
rocky ye dekho
rocky as i take ur Eye to my hard cock over pants
seema iyer ohhh nahii ii tryyy noot too see buttt seee itt verryyy huge inn ssleping stageeeeeeeeeee
rocky aaaapki gand mein jane ko betab hai
rocky aaaapko aaapni rand banane ke liye kuch bhi karega ye
seema iyer ohhh chhuupp maiinnn aissi nahii hooon
seema iyer eekk pattii vrataa auraatt hooon
seema iyer ek baachee kii maa bhiii
seema iyer but myy eyesss keep seeingg urr hhugge buulllgeeee
rocky aacha to mere bhai ko kyu dekhe jaaa rahi ho
rocky chahiye
seema iyer chall chuup mainn aisii nahii hoon
seema iyer eekk pattii vrataa auraatt hooon
seema iyer ek baachee kii maa bhiii
rocky arrey to kya
rocky maine pahele bhi ek bacheee wali aurto kop choda hai
rocky par tu ek dam randi ki tarah lagto hai
seema iyer kyoonnn....(talkingg withhh uu puush myy boob backk innto bloouuusee
rocky tera blouse
rocky aur low pahna hui sareee
rocky tera navel dikane ka andaz
rocky ek dam randi jaisa hai
seema iyer ii gettt illl flattereddd
seema iyer aabbb chhuuppp chhal bahutt hoooooo gayaaa
seema iyer annd standddddddddd
seema iyer but myy boob still outt ass itts nott gone intooo bra
rocky ummmmmmmmmmm
rocky arrey
rocky tuje meri rani banana hai
rocky ( how would u manage the hubby
seema iyer iii cover my saree
seema iyer but the buulge showwwwss..
seema iyer (u do some thing too help me here
rocky memsaaaab yeah pateli to li hi nahi
rocky chalo mine kitchen mein rakh deta hu
rocky i come beside u
rocky n cover u from ur hubby
rocky by walking betweeen u n him
seema iyer ohhh teekk haiiiii
seema iyer ii walk intoo kiit
seema iyer andd sa
seema iyer yy chall abb jaaa
seema iyer tuuu chala jaa
rocky um
seema iyer abb mainnn
seema iyer aisee nahii hoonn
rocky i push u on the wall
rocky n lick ur neck
seema iyer thanksss tune jo hellp kiyaa
rocky and squeze ur booobs
seema iyer pparrr... nahii.... plssssssssssssssss
seema iyer mmm nahiii
seema iyer pllllls
seema iyer i keep sayingg nooo
rocky i get my lips in ur mouth
rocky and ur pallu fallls
seema iyer butt my handssss raise alongg walll
seema iyer anddd
seema iyer asssssssssss gett inn wallllll
seema iyer umm headdd raiseessssssssssss
rocky and i get on ur booobs
rocky sucking over ur blouse
rocky the left one
rocky as i seee ur nipple is hard
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm.... plsssssss nahiiiiiiii.....
seema iyer mainnnn shhhadiiii sshhudaaa hoooooooooooonnn
rocky sali tu bhi to garam hai
rocky yeah tere nipples bata rahe hai ki tu kitni gili hogi niche
seema iyer plllllllllll s as i unknoowin g arch my boodyyy against walllllll
seema iyer puushhingg boobs outt anddddd
seema iyer ass and heead baackk
seema iyer leftt legg benddss uppppp
rocky ur hubby gets bored now due to power failure n tells u thet he is moving out
rocky as i get on ur lips
rocky n lock it with mine
rocky and kisss u deeeeeeper
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky kya garam hai re tu
seema iyer (noo let himm be innn haalll
rocky okkkk
rocky as i untuk ur sareee
rocky and pull it down
rocky n u are in paticoat
rocky n i pull ur blouse
rocky n both ur booobs are exposed
rocky u seee shne in my eyes as i look at them
seema iyer (uu have to remove my braa without opoening blouse and thenn tear myy blouse rooughlyyy
seema iyer (same way laterr tear my saree andd
seema iyer remove my panty witoouhh petticoat first fuck me with saree andd petticoat then
seema iyer tear saree and pettiiicoat
seema iyer ok
rocky okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
seema iyer startttt
seema iyer ooooooohh chhodd deee
seema iyer mainnn shaadi shhudaa hooonnn
rocky haaan par bahut garam hai
rocky tera pati tuje maza nahi depata lagata hai
rocky as i get my hands on ur bloseu from bewlow
seema iyer (sayy manlyy diiaaloouuges likkee... mere luund koo bhii teri jaisi shadii... shhuda randi....
rocky mere lund ka maza leke dekh
seema iyer (tuu too mastt haii.... meree jaise mard ke liyeee.. ttuu hi...
rocky tu apne pati se kabhi nahi chudwayegi
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhh parrr nahiii maainnn aajjj taak kii sii mardd koo nahii chhuaa na deekhhaaa
rocky mere lund ko to dekha na
rocky as i unhook ur blouse inside
rocky n massage ur tits
seema iyer (only from out side...dont expose ur luund noww but onnlyy tease me byy ruubing it on my chut over thin saree petticoat
seema iyer mmmmmmmm..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer iii keep talkiing tooo uu sayingg noo butt
rocky as i push it on ur sareee
seema iyer allow uut oo play withh my blouse andd bra
seema iyer myy head liift liil up
rocky as i move to ur navel
rocky n lick it
rocky both hands opver ur blouse
rocky as i feeeeeel ur nioppples
rocky and lick ur navel
rocky then i get back to ur booobs
rocky and i tear ur blouse with my hands
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky kya mome hai tere
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pllllllllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssss
seema iyer nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
rocky i lock ur lips with mine
seema iyer nah
rocky so that u dont make noise
rocky and squeze ur booobs
rocky ummmmm
rocky ohhhhhhh
rocky pushing my cpock over ur chut
seema iyer ii feeeeeee myyyyyyyy nakkedd boobss ouut anddd myy blousee toornn haanngingg on my shoulderr bra onnn floor
rocky as i massage them ahrdly
seema iyer oh plssssssssssssssss
seema iyer uuuuuuuuh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
rocky now moving to ur navel
rocky as i raise ur sree n paticoat n tuck it on ur waist
rocky and move my hands oin ur inner thigsh
rocky up n down
rocky closer to ur pusssy
rocky on ur panty
rocky as i rub my finegrs on ur panty
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhh nahii immmmmmmm
rocky n it weas wetr
seema iyer aiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee matt
seema iyer karooooooooooooooooooooo
rocky sali tu to ek dam gili ho gai hai
seema iyer ummmmmmmmmm plasssssssssssssssssss
seema iyer
rocky as i rub u tehre for mroe
seema iyer ii bite mmy lipssssssss
seema iyer aaaaaaaaaaaaghhh
seema iyer (fuuck me onn floor
rocky yeah
rocky as i pull down ur panty
rocky and pull ur hand
rocky u are still towards wall
rocky but moveing down
rocky as i get my face in ur saree
seema iyer okkkkkkkkkkkkkk
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...plllllllllsssssssssssssssss
seema iyer ummmmmmmmmm...
rocky my face covered with ur sareee
seema iyer (tell i will showw u how a reall mannn fuucksss...
rocky as i eat ur pussssy npow
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhh.ouuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky umm
seema iyer meree patii nee kkaabhii nnahiii kkhaayaaa merri chuttttttttttttt
rocky lciking ur pusssy
seema iyer mazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky aaaaaj teri sari pyas buja dunga
rocky ohhhhhhhhhh
rocky kya garam chut hai teri
rocky aaaaaj iseee aasli lund ka kamal dikhata hu
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer plssssssssssssss
seema iyer aaaaaaaagh
rocky ohhh
rocky moving tounge in ur pusssy
seema iyer myy leegsss spread
seema iyer i look dooownn
seema iyer uuur facce fully intoo myyy sareee
rocky ohhhhhhhh
rocky i push u towards wall as i eat u
rocky ahhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky yeah
rocky ummmmm
rocky then i turn u towards freez
rocky make u lie
rocky as i remove my cock out
seema iyer yesssssssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssss
seema iyer ass ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer yehhhhh iitnaaa motaaaaaaaaa auurr badaaaa
seema iyer (hoow uu llift myy sareee
rocky ur sareee is tucked in ur waist
rocky as i adjust it pushing it more towards u
rocky as i seee ur pusssys
rocky and i stick my cock on it
rocky rub it up n down
seema iyer oh plssssss nahiii itnna motaa mo
seema iyer lunnd
seema iyer mmaaii nahii leee sakktii
seema iyer mere patii kaaa toooo
rocky usme to maza hai
seema iyer kaafii chotaa
seema iyer haii
seema iyer plls jaane dooo muuujhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
seema iyer tumm challe jaoooo
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky as i rub it more
rocky n push it a bit
seema iyer (scold mee noow.. sayiinggg u want mee...
rocky i presss ur booobs ahrder
rocky teri chut to itni pyasi hai
rocky mere lund ke begar nahi reha payegi
rocky and i piush it more
seema iyer ohhhhhhhh plssssssssssss nahiii nahiii dallna mattttttttttttttttttttt
rocky n u screeeem but i get my lips on urs
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhh.aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer marrr gayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....
seema iyer dfddhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
seema iyer daal........................
rocky moving it in n out
seema iyer oohhhhhhhhh
rocky yeah
seema iyer howw uu spreadd myy leegssss
seema iyer howw uu spreadd myy leegssss
rocky yeah
rocky and my cock getrs deeeeper
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
rocky deeeper
rocky in n out
rocky ohhhhhh
seema iyer mmarrrrrrrrrrrrr. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer (sayy chhupp randiiiiii....
rocky my hands caresssing ur booobs
rocky as i squeze ur booobs
rocky sali itn i aawaj karegi to tera divorce ho jayega
rocky chup reh
rocky warna aur zor se chodunga
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer howw uu spreadd myy leegssss
rocky as i get it more deeep in u
seema iyer howw uu spreadd myy leegssss
rocky moving it in n out
rocky ur ;legs on myu chpulder
rocky shoul;der
rocky as i fuck u ahrder
seema iyer wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
seema iyer wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
seema iyer (talk about my massive thighhss....
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer (howww they willl with stannd urrr stroookess and bloowss ... comparee withh ur wiifee whiich paiinnnn as uuu fuuck herr
rocky teri jang bhi ekdam kamla ki hai
seema iyer (say innn hindiii...term me ass randii...
rocky kamal hai
seema iyer myyy handsss areee aaaboove myyy headdd andd grripiinggg sheelfffffffffff
rocky teri jang ne to ek dam tightly meri kamar pakdi hai
rocky kitna chidwayegi
rocky as i fuck u hardcore
rocky deeeeper
rocky in n out
seema iyer (... comparee withh ur wiifee whiich paiinnnn as uuu fuuck herr
rocky paiin?
seema iyer yess thinn thiighss
rocky teri jangh ki pakad kya hai
rocky meri biwi to thak jaati hai
rocky lekin tu to ek dam mast hai
rocky ek dam rand ki tarah chudwai hai
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... haaaaannn aaissee maarddd ppaahllii bar.............. agggggggggggghh ,ila haiiii
rocky ohhhhhhhh
rocky teri chut ki pakad kay hai
rocky mere lund ko chuse jaaa rahi hai
rocky andar hi andar
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky as i was abt to cum
seema iyer aurrr chhoodd muujee saaaaaalleeeee
rocky legi mera pani andar
rocky mera pani aandar dalne wala hu
seema iyer aurrr chhoodd muujee saaaaaalleeeee
seema iyer aurrr chhoodd muujee saaaaaalleeeee
rocky deeeeper
rocky andar bahar
seema iyer (hey u want my year old son come to kit and see uss
rocky no
seema iyer and we answerr him innn doubllee meaninggg
rocky no dear
rocky now i pull out my cock
rocky and push u on wall
seema iyer okokkkkkkkkkkkkk
rocky as i tear ur sareee n paticoat
rocky n turn u najed
rocky naked
seema iyer (thts whatt descriibe howw uu sexilyyy tear themm...
seema iyer (thts whatt descriibe howw uu sexilyyy tear themm...
rocky asnd then seee ur licking pusssy
rocky i tear them from below
rocky parting them in u
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaannnnnn
rocky giving open gates to ur psussy
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer arreee merii sareee....
seema iyer ooooh pettiicoatt plssssssss
seema iyer ii try tooo holld ur handsssssssssssssssssss
rocky but i was string for u
rocky and now ur paticoat is hand=ging over the string tied
rocky n i can excess ur pusssy easily
seema iyer luuvlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
seema iyer descrriibe more detail tht threaddd...
seema iyer descrriibe more detail tht threaddd...
seema iyer descrriibe more detail tht threaddd...
rocky i lick u below that thread
rocky abd finger moving in ur pusssy
rocky in n out deeeper
rocky rolling on ur clitrons
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ssssssssssssssssss]
rocky deeeeper
rocky in n out
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer ohhhhhh plssssssssssssss aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh iiisse choosooo aurr
seema iyer zorrrrrrrrrrrrr
seema iyer se
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky kya chut hai

rocky hey dear
rocky r u there
rocky did u enjoy the paly
rocky dhudhwala
seema iyer yess veryy mmuuch
rocky ummmmmmm
rocky do u masterbate
rocky while we play
rocky ?
rocky r u playing with somone
seema iyer noo
seema iyer lets play
rocky tell me dear
rocky do u masterabte
rocky while we paly
seema iyer yess
seema iyer but i gett more hard byyy
seema iyer teasing descriptionnss andd
seema iyer when u describee some one didturbing us
rocky ummmm
rocky r u married or single
seema iyer married kids
rocky ummm
rocky have u ditched ur hubby in real
seema iyer noo
seema iyer yes
rocky i didnt get u
rocky noo yes
rocky kya hua
rocky r u there
rocky i wannna have a fast play
rocky not long one
seema iyer okk carruuyy on
rocky wanna continue dudhwala
seema iyer ok
rocky this dhudh wala comes in evening when he sees ur husband moving out
rocky rings the bell
seema iyer mmmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer amm innnn kittt doiing somee wookkk
rocky i ring again
seema iyer ohh aaa rahi hoonn
seema iyer ii ruunn opeen door
seema iyer my boonss heavve ass i have come ruuning
rocky i seee u
rocky as u relax breating a bit
rocky seeeeing me u give wierd look
rocky hello memsaaaab
rocky subhe ka dhudh kaisa tha
seema iyer oh tummm
seema iyer wohhhh too aise hi hoo gayaa
seema iyer galatt...
seema iyer abhii kyoon aaye hoo
rocky nahi memsaaaaab kuch galat nahi tha
rocky as i walk in closer
rocky aaapko mazaaa aaaya na
seema iyer nahii wohhh parrrr
seema iyer galatt thaa
seema iyer mainee soochaa baad mainn
seema iyer ii moove backkkkk
rocky socho mat
rocky as i get clsoer
rocky u reach wall
rocky and cant get back
rocky as i grab both ur tits
rocky socho mat
rocky maze karo
rocky squezing them
rocky kya bable hai
rocky aaaise to kitne time se nahi dekhe
rocky kaise kiye itne bade
rocky mera duudh pi ke hi kiye honge
rocky as i masssage them
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaghh pllsss chhodd doooo
seema iyer meree patii aa jjaayyegee
seema iyer ii rais on my toesssssssssssssssssss
seema iyer handssss raised up
rocky subhe ghar pe the tab kuch nahi kiya
rocky aaaab to bahar hai
rocky as i lick ur neck
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhh wohhhhhhhhhh tooooooooooooooooooo
rocky n massaging ur booobs
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky tuje aapni rand banana chata hu
rocky ohhhhhhh
seema iyer ohhhhhhhh pplaasss aaaaaaaaagh
rocky kya cheej hai tu
rocky ohhhh
seema iyer betaa soo rahaaaa...... haii mmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer mmmmmmmmm
rocky aacha hai na
rocky disturb nahi karega
rocky ohhhhhhh
rocky as i look in ur eyes
rocky n kisss ur lips
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... myyyyyyyyyyy ,m,yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
rocky hands presssing ur booobs ahrd
rocky as i lick ur lips
rocky sucking them
rocky sucking ur saliva
rocky rolling tounmge in ur mouth
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer uhh mmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer mummmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer my boodyyyyy stiickkss too uuuuuuuuuu
seema iyer andd headd tillttss
seema iyer mmmmmmmmmmm
rocky as i lick ur neck
rocky and presss ur ass
rocky u feeeel my hard cock on ur waist
rocky ohhhhhhh
rocky i pull down ur [pallu
rocky and pull ur blouse aswell
rocky ur hooks open up
rocky n i suck ur booobs deeeeeper
rocky over ur bra
rocky ur blouse openbed n i m sucking over ur booobs
seema iyer ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhleftt handdd runs intoo urr hairsssssssssssssssssssss
rocky aaaa gai apni aaaukad pe
rocky as i loosen ur sareee from ur paticoat
seema iyer abhiiiiiii suubahh ttoo chhodaa thaa
seema iyer tuu iinsaan haii janwarrrrrrrrrrrrr
rocky tuje to sara din chodne meon bhi maza ayega
seema iyer mmmmmmmmmm kyonnnnn agjjjjjjjjjjj
seema iyer as i feel my sareeeee floww andd slidee down
rocky asi pull the string of ur paticoat
seema iyer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer my hipp ttwiittchesss
rocky as i rub ur pusssy over ur panty
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky aaabhi bhi garam hai tu
seema iyer (describe sexilyy howw pettiicoat knot and sliidinggg
rocky as i lick ur b ooobs slowly
rocky my hnds circle around ur navel
rocky and take the string in my finger
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer myy headdd lliftsssss upppppppppp
rocky as i pull it slowly
rocky and the knot opens
rocky as i lick ur navel
rocky n ur navel moves in n out
rocky makonjg the paticoat to slide n stop
rocky slide n stop
rocky and i get my hands down n pull it in a jerkl
seema iyer iii feeelllllll itttt ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer yessssssssssssssssssssssssss
seema iyer luvyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
rocky n now ua re in bra n panty
rocky n my lips closer to ur pusssy
rocky as i kiss it n leave it
rocky then i take ur hand on my hard cock
seema iyer (heyy afterr jerkkk tell about pettiicoat slidiingg...
rocky jerk was on paticaot
rocky to get it down
seema iyer okkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmmmmmmmmmmm
rocky as i guide ur hand on my cock
seema iyer off course descriethtt
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhh yeeh too itnaa motaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky haaaan
rocky tere liye hi hai
rocky nikal isse bahar
rocky aur dekh kitna lamba uar bada hai
seema iyer iiiiiiiiiiii ppull iit ouutt ass itt laysss im soft palmsss
seema iyer like amonster snakee
rocky chus sali
rocky mu mein le isse
rocky le sali
seema iyer uhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm
rocky i slap ur face with my cock
seema iyer ii bennsss oonn kneesssssssssssss
seema iyer andddddd ruub myy thhhickkk ree lipps and wrapp aroounnd itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
rocky ohhhhhhhhhh
rocky i feeeel u
rocky as i cover my head
rocky as ur lips cover my head
rocky cock head
rocky ohhhh
seema iyer iiiiiiii slooooooooowwlyy moovee myy lipps tooo hold uurr headd andd sluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrppp
seema iyer ssuucck ittttttt
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky yeagh
rocky aghggg
rocky yeah'
rocky chus aur cus
rocky pura andar lele
rocky chus sali randi
rocky ohhhhhh
seema iyer \iiiiiiiiiiiiiii mmoovee myy faceeeeeeeeeee
seema iyer andd swalllooww iitt myy touuuungge teeassingg itt
rocky oh yeah
rocky harder
seema iyer iitt fillls my mouthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky as i feeel ur tunge rollnig on it
rocky ahhh
rocky yeah
rocky as i hold ur face
rocky n mvoe my cock in n out
rocky mouth fucking u
seema iyer ohhhhhh
rocky deeeper
seema iyer hunnnnnmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmm mu
rocky till ur throt
seema iyer ii try to speakk but
rocky leeeeep it there as u chock and pulll it oput
seema iyer buttttttt
rocky push it again
seema iyer filleddd withhh uurrrrrr coock
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky yeah
rocky deeeeper
rocky in n out
rocky as i felt i waaas gonna cum i pulled back
rocky then took u to ur bed in my arms
rocky my arms on ur ass as i take u to the bed
rocky i push u on bed
rocky lick ur toe
rocky n get closer to ur thighs
rocky lips rollingon ur skin
rocky as i get clsoer
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhh agh myyy handsssssssssssss ipppppppppp
seema iyer holds myy edgessssssssssssss
rocky as i reach ur panty
rocky and pull it down
rocky with both hands
rocky it slides down
rocky and my face takers over
rocky as i lick ur pusssy
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh asaghhhhh myy chesttt raaiseessssssssssssssssss
rocky as i grab ur both booobs
rocky while i eat u deeeeper
seema iyer uhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh chhhhhhhhatt muujheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
rocky while i eat u deeeepereating it
rocky moving toungein it deeeeper
rocky u wannna seee my hard cock
rocky ?
rocky if u dnt then lets continue
seema iyer no
rocky okk
rocky lets continue
rocky as i replace my tounge with fingers
rocky gettting in deeeeper
rocky r u there
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........................
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh muujjee aurrrr ppagaall mat karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rocky ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
rocky as i move to ur booobs suck them
rocky n my cock brushjes ur booobs
rocky sdorry ur pusssy
rocky as i suck ur booobs
rocky my cock rubs ur pusssy
rocky moving up n down
seema iyer oohhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer yehhh dehheree dallnaaaaaaaaaa.
seema iyer -lssssssssssssss
seema iyer plsssssssssssssss
seema iyer iii teel lookiing into uur eyees
seema iyer anddd
seema iyer anddd
seema iyer breathiiing hardd
rocky subhe to kamar uata uata ke marwa rahi thi
rocky as i rub the head on ur pusssy lips
rocky n its head moves in
rocky n i push it in more
rocky giving jerk to get it in deeeeper
rocky io dont care for ur screeem as ur hubby is not there
rocky n i push it in deeeeper
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
rocky harder
seema iyer wohhhhhhhh asaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky ummmmmmmmmmm
rocky yeahhhh
rocky fucking u wiwldy
rocky deeeper
rocky in n out
rocky oihhhhhh
rocky ahhh
rocky yeah
rocky hard n deeeep
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer mmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy
seema iyer
rocky deeeepop
rocky ohhhhhhhh
rocky kya garam aur tight pusssy hai
seema iyer thee bbeddd roockkss byyy urrr strrookesssssssssssssss
rocky as u raise ur ass to have mroe
seema iyer yesssssssssssssssssssssss
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann
rocky yesh
rocky deeeeper
seema iyer ohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann
rocky my ballls hit ur pusssy lips
rocky ohhhhhhh
rocky ahhhhhhh
rocky yeah
rocky lovely
rocky kya mazaa aaa raha hai
rocky kya mal hai re tu
seema iyer myyy lleggsss spreeadd wwwiideeee
rocky locked on my back
rocky ohhhhhhh yeah
rocky fucking u deeeeper
rocky in n out
rocky ohhhhhhhh
rocky ahnds on ur booobs
rocky squezing them as i fuck u deeeep
rocky ohhhhhhhh
rocky mai jarne wala hu meri jaaan
seema iyer yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh miiii
seema iyer uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky ohhhhhhhhhh
rocky deeeeper
seema iyer (myy huubyyy knknnookkss on doorrr
rocky as i enter in ur pussssy
rocky and fi;ll it
rocky then u hear trhe knock
rocky push me
rocky and wear a robe
rocky n mvoe to bathroomn
rocky sorry
rocky ask me to goto bathroom with my clothes
seema iyer okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
rocky u wear a robe n open the doooor
seema iyer myy petttiiccoatt and blouse liiee in halll
rocky butr ur pusssy was wet
seema iyer uesssssssssssssss
seema iyer ii ppick upp andd hiidee beehindd mee noo
seema iyer ii wrapp a toowelll
seema iyer bitt inn huury noot fully buutt backkk bareee
rocky hubby seees u in that way
seema iyer uu wattch my huuge nakeddd asss sndd backk asss i wallkkk
rocky n gets naughty with u
rocky kissses u at dooor
rocky but ua re in no moood
rocky as i wear my clothes
seema iyer (deescriibe how huby see me andd sayy too mee
rocky as u open in just towel
rocky he seees u
rocky ur cleavege
rocky n raises towel
rocky and speaks
seema iyer start from i get up from beddd
rocky ummmmmmm
rocky kya kamal lag rahi ho
seema iyer piick toowell... myy hugee boobs swayyy
seema iyer start from i get up from beddd
seema iyer piick toowell... myy hugee boobs swayyy
rocky and walk
seema iyer ohh uu wattchh
rocky ur ass seeen from behind
seema iyer chaall jaooo jjaaldii chuppppp jsaoo i whhisperrrrrr
seema iyer mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer slap my ass as i walk otu in sexy way
rocky as u move
rocky teri gand kya mast hai
rocky asi slap
rocky kitne mast hilkti hai
rocky hilti hai
seema iyer ohh ouuuuuuuuuchhh
seema iyer (nice good
seema iyer
rocky as u walk out
rocky how would u manage ur hubby in this clothes
seema iyer myy hiipss swayyy yy ass juummpsss
seema iyer i ppickk myyy sareeeee
rocky mmm
rocky i wear my clothes in ur bathroom
rocky and move to kitchen in timebeing
rocky while u talk to ur hubby at dooor
rocky what all u talk
seema iyer (u sayy... my hubbiees dialouges i wil say mine...
rocky okkk
rocky asu open
rocky itni deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......................
rocky kahaaaa...........
rocky as his mouth is wide open
seema iyer ii waallkk oohhhhh
seema iyer aappppp
rocky and eyes starrted at ur seyx body
seema iyer my boobss buulge on toppp
seema iyer fromm
seema iyer topp of towell andd
seema iyer massive thighss
rocky frm cleavege to botttom
seema iyer exposed on bottomm
seema iyer bacck full bare
rocky yeah kya
rocky atleast towel to thik se pahenti
rocky as he hug u tight
seema iyer ohh kyyaaa huuaa
rocky and kissses ur lips softly
seema iyer oohhhhh yeeh kkyaa
seema iyer mmmmm
seema iyer uummmm close lipss.. mmmmmmm
rocky as u realise i was in
rocky u want to stop him
rocky but he is in no moood to stop
rocky kissses u passionately
seema iyer yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss
rocky ur towel fallls
rocky and he gets on ur booobs
seema iyer okhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer iii ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer ohhhh myy kooii aajayyeegga jiii
seema iyer ummmm kkyaaaaaaaaaaaa
rocky aaayega to kya
rocky hum patio patni hai
seema iyer mmiiannn
seema iyer mainn aissiii huuuummm koiii
seema iyer ujjhhee aisee dekhh leega toooo
rocky arrey daraja to baND KIYA HAI NA
seema iyer mmmmmmmmmm parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rocky ohhhhhh
rocky par war chodo
rocky aaaaaj tuje aaaise dekh ke mera man to ekdam excite gho gaya
rocky squezing ur booobs while talking
seema iyer llekinnnnn aaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky k,ya baaat hai itni hot to lag rahi ho
rocky ummmmmmm
rocky as he kisses u
rocky n start to walk in bedroom
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhh wohh kall seeeee uumm
seema iyer uuukk kahaann jjaa raa iiruu hoolding y saree pettiicoat and towell halff boobss
rocky kaha
seema iyer mmmm
seema iyer i ruun to walk into beddroomm
seema iyer aapp baitoo main naha kee atii
seema iyer hoon
seema iyer i know urr inn
rocky i moved to kitchen na
seema iyer okk aap ruukoo maiin chai llatii hooon
seema iyer iii tuurrnn naakkeddd
rocky arrey chai ki kise zaroorat hai
rocky he grabs ur ass
rocky n kisses ur back
seema iyer pohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chhoodiye naaaa uhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm
rocky as he leaves u
rocky chalo dhudh lati hu
rocky chalo dhudh lati hu
seema iyer ohhh aabhiii llayiii andd i walkkkkk
rocky as u walk in kitchen
rocky i ppull u in my arms
rocky and ksissss u deeeep
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhh
rocky aaaaab tera pati tuje chodega
rocky teri to chandi ho gai
rocky maze hai tere
rocky pakkki rand banegi
rocky kal batana pati se maza aaaya ya mujse
seema iyer ohhhh parr woohh
seema iyer tuunmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
rocky ummmm
rocky kyaaa
seema iyer (dont u wanna fuuck me
rocky i didnt it once
rocky u wannnaa ahve mnore
seema iyer okkk yesss
rocky ok continue
seema iyer okkkkkkk
seema iyer amm nakkedd ass u kiis meeee
rocky as i presss ur booobs
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
seema iyer wohhh too dabba......... aghh nahii patee
seema iyer tuumm too janwarrr hoo abhhi toooo chhoda thaaa
rocky phir se chodna hai
rocky as i pull out my cock from zipper
rocky hey dear
rocky hows u
rocky enjoyed the second part aswell
rocky dudh wala
seema iyer ok
rocky did u enjoy it
seema iyer suureeee
rocky where is ur hubby now
seema iyer officee
rocky was he not there last night
seema iyer no
rocky umm
seema iyer hey
rocky yeah dear
rocky what are u doing
seema iyer think of sexy scene
rocky u seeem to be horny
seema iyer r u not
rocky yeahh
rocky can u think of anyt
seema iyer okkk
seema iyer a daringg
seema iyer onne u fuuck mee beside my huubyy
seema iyer on taablee doogiie
seema iyer just backk off himmm
rocky ummmmm
seema iyer ok?
rocky okkk
rocky in same scene
seema iyer okkkk
seema iyer ii coomee tto kiitt andd affterr kiisingg
seema iyer ii wrapp toowwell andddd
seema iyer make teaa foor uus annd takkeee
seema iyer teaa foor huuby
seema iyer ass ii wallkk ouutt myy right boob iss outt
seema iyer i dont see irtt
seema iyer my huubby sits in hall wattchhing tvv
rocky and
rocky u give him tea
rocky n i follow u
seema iyer ii yeess
seema iyer bending from backk of hiimm
seema iyer yeelloo
seema iyer jii
seema iyer ass myy exposed right boob faaals onn his shoulder anddd
seema iyer ruubs hiisss
seema iyer cheeks
rocky he dosent react much
rocky feeels it in accident
rocky takes tea
seema iyer iii gettt
rocky n continues to watch Cric
seema iyer annoyeddd
rocky as u walk back
rocky u seee me in kitchen
seema iyer ii smileee...
rocky n plan to teach ur hubby a lessson
rocky as u com to me n kisss me deeeep
rocky and take my hand and take me out
rocky behnd ur hubby towards dinding table
seema iyer yesssssssssssssss
seema iyer hheavyyyyyy hiipssssssssssss
seema iyer swaayy ass ii walkk wityh uu likee uurr huuubbyy
rocky we kisss behind him
rocky he still dont knwo
seema iyer yessssssssss raoissing myyy lleft lleggg anddd
seema iyer pasiingg bbdyyy too uu
seema iyer (whtts ur dress
rocky me in normal pant n shirt
seema iyer goo..on
rocky as we kisss deeep
rocky u sit on the table
rocky and spread ur ;egs
rocky n raise ur sreee as if u are inviting me
seema iyer yessssssssssssssssssss
seema iyer aarrchhinggg beehinddd oonnn tablleeee
rocky as i lick ur thighsa
rocky n move in ur sareee
rocky and get my hands on ur pussssy
rocky u were not in ur panties
seema iyer yesssssssssssssss
rocky as i get free way to ur pusssy
rocky n push a finger in ur pusssy
rocky and u moan
rocky n ur hubby turns
rocky as i lick ur pusssssy
rocky n make u crazy
rocky n u moan loud
rocky n ur hubbby seees u
seema iyer ohhhhhhhhhhhh.. aaaghh
seema iyer myy hands backkk suupprtiingg ooonnnn tabbleee
rocky as ur hubbby gets his wide open
rocky seeeeing me in ur pusssy
rocky 'what the hell' he speaks
rocky u get angry on him
rocky i keeep eating ur pusssy
seema iyer ( do we allow him to see or open our sex to himm..
rocky u want to
seema iyer no
rocky okk
rocky then reset it
rocky as we are in dining area that he can see
seema iyer oh okk
rocky what
rocky want him to see or no
seema iyer okk let himm se
rocky ( u tell him how to have sex learn from this man and all
seema iyer okkkk
seema iyer i amm llyiingg lii onn tablle
seema iyer oohh kyaa huaa kyoon chilla rahe hoooo
rocky as i grab ur booobs
rocky n lick ur pusssy
seema iyer aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh dhhhhhereee januuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
rocky ( ye sab kya hai
rocky as i move my finger in ur psussy
seema iyer wohhhh
seema iyer joo tumm nahii kartee
seema iyer yehh kartaaa haiii
seema iyer deekhhooooo
seema iyer kaiisee abhiii choodeega muujhee
rocky ohhhhhhh
seema iyer iii spreadd myy leegass
seema iyer anddd lift my saree andd petticoattt
rocky as i move fingers in deeeep
rocky ( kya kitno dino se chal raha hai yeah sab
seema iyer abhi to suuru huuaa
seema iyer abhhii deeekhhoo yehii chaalega
rocky as i roll my finger deeeeep in ur psussssy
rocky saaab aaaapki biwi kya garam cheez hai
seema iyer ii mooannn and arrrchhh baackkkkkk
rocky ( lakin maine kya galat kiya ke tum mere saaath aaisa kar rahi ho
rocky as i leave the pusssy
rocky n unzip my pants
rocky ( ruku tum. band karo yeah sab
seema iyer yehhhhhhhhhh deekkhoo iisskee paass wpohhh haiiiiii joooooo
seema iyer tuummahree paass nahiiii
rocky i pull my pants down
rocky ( ruku tum maine kaha na ............. lakin mujse ek baaar to kaha hota
seema iyer kyyaa ittne bbbar too muuje naagaa
seema iyer dekhhaa parr kkya kiiya tunee
rocky as u ask me tu continue n not listen to him
seema iyer aeee tuu kkyoonn khadaa haiii
seema iyer iiss aadmmiii kee
seema iyer baree main matt soochh
seema iyer tuummm banaoo mujhee appnii raaand
rocky ummmmmmmmmm
rocky as i pull the cock
rocky n ur hubby seees the massive size
rocky as i rub it on ur pusssy lips
seema iyer ddeekkaa iisskaaa ppuraa llujnnd terra niikall auurrr deekhh leeeee
seema iyer yehhh meraa jjaanwarr haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
rocky as i rub it on ur pussssy
rocky saaaaaaaaaaab jiiiiiii aaapki biwi paaaaaki rand hai subhe se baaar chod chuka hu aurrrr aaabhi bhi thaki nahi
seema iyer ohhhhh aaahhllllllllllllll
seema iyer maaaaaaaaaa
seema iyer i moann looking intoo urr eyesssssssssssss
rocky as i push it in deeep
rocky deeeeper
rocky moving it in n out
rocky ohhhhhh
rocky yeah dekho kaise apni gand utha utha ke marwa rahi hai
seema iyer uhu ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dherrrrrrrrreee
seema iyer marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rocky ohhhhhhh
rocky deeper
rocky andar bahar
rocky ohhhh
rocky ah
rocky yeah
rocky hard n deeeep
rocky ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rocky kya mast maaaal hai
rocky hands squezing ur booobs as i fuck u wildly
rocky ohhhhh
seema iyer (whtt does huuby sayyy
seema iyer thheee tablee rroockkkkkkss
seema iyer as ee ffuuchhh
rocky he seees us n is helpless as he luvs u very much
rocky ( mai bhi issske jaise aaajse tuje chdunga
rocky mere saaath aaaise mat kar
seema iyer nahiiiiiiii saaale terraa llund too iseee aadhaa bhhi nahiiii
rocky ohhhhhhh
rocky deeper
seema iyer (call me raaaandd... before him
rocky ohhhhhhhhhh
rocky kya kamal hai
rocky aaaisa maza to meri biwi ke saaath bhi nahi aaaya
rocky ek dam randi ki tarah chudwa rahi hai
seema iyer ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
seema iyer (fuuckkmee likke dddoggiee
seema iyer llifft and take me too sfaa i sexy wayyy
rocky as i take u on me
rocky ur legs locked on my waist
rocky as my cock is in ur pussssy
rocky as u move up n down
rocky as i take u to sofa
rocky moving by ur hubby
seema iyer yessssssssss stiill saree liiftedd
seema iyer bloousee opeenn
rocky as i suck ur boooobs while isit with u on sofa
rocky u ride me on top now
seema iyer yesssssssssssss movingg myy huugee asssssssssssssssss
rocky ( ur hubby gets excited seeeeing her wife banged


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